Regina Daniels Shares Pictures Of Her Baby Crib(BED)

Inem Esit

Poverty is bad: see pictures of Regina Daniels baby’s crib (bed) that surfaced online.

Poverty is bad, it has done a lot of things in a family and society. Many people wish to give their children the best in life but due to poverty and financial difficulties they can’t afford such luxuries. While on the other hand, some children were born with silver spoon that right from birth, their parent gives them the best in life. 

Pictures of Regina Daniels and her little son surfaced online, looking at that picture, you can clearly see her baby’s crib (bed). This is something most people can not afford for their children, some people might even see it as waste of money that is why poverty is bad.

Her baby crib (bed), based on this screenshot below you can see that the actual price was $239.99 ( ₦92,439.35) but was slashed to $179.99 ( ₦69,328.55). This is somebody’s salary for 6 to 7 months, and this is money somebody is using to buy baby crib or bed. 

Poverty is bad, that is why it Is necessary to work hard so that your children can enjoy the best in life. I know some individuals will see it as waste of money, but you can’t blame them, blame poverty. 

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