Reshuffle Your Cabinet Now, Bob-Manuel Umoru urged Gov. Godwin Obaseki

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Following the spates of decamping and the slow and nonchalant pace that has gritted the PDP campaign in Edo State.

The Senior Editor of Grassroot Hot News, who is also a member of the Edo State PDP sub-committee on publicity and also the serving State Coordinator of PDP Mobilizers, Edo State Chapter, Mr Bob-Manuel Umoru, has written an open letter to the Governor of Edo State, urging him to reshuffle his cabinet immediately.

In an open letter to the Governor, Bob-Manuel, popularly known as “Jesus Army” told the Governor that 87% of those with him are moles, including the DG of his campaign, the letter was captioned ” IN THE MIDST OF CELEBRATION, THERE IS DANGER”.

Read the full script below:





Your Excellency sir, the events that have beclouded the state’s polity in the past few weeks, dating from your decamping, to the primary election; where the world witnessed the display of love, maturity and collective understanding amongst the major contenders ahead of the PDP hitherto tensioned primary and it’s easy, happy and memorable ending, in spite of the evil predictions that was envisaged by those who do not mean well for our great party (PDP), and now the post-primary electioneering process (Campaign proper) have left many political pundits in great awe.

As it stands, sir, all predictions seem to be in favour of our great party and her flag-bearers in which the Almighty God, in His unquestionable wisdom, has bequeathed to you Mr. Godwin N. Obaseki and your very loyal Deputy, Com. Philip Shaibu.
From the very minute you took the decision to join the Peoples Democratic Party to date; it’s been a haven of one celebration to another, as the people reasoned along and applauded your move. It was goodbye indeed to “retrogressive forces”. That singular action brought you back to your balance and the needed visionary focus for the effective execution of governmental responsibilities resting on your shoulders.

I am not one that seek attention sir. My loyalty and first responsibility is to my country, and my party follows. Whatever would cause a great injury to my party, would always be resisted by me.
I do not know your thoughts, neither can I predict what you would do next, but one thing I know for sure is that you mean well for Edo State and her good people hence you remain steadfast and resilient in the fight to “Make Edo Great Again”.

Any information I pass across to you via this letter, if it is not 100% correct, it is then undoubtedly 120% correct.
The truth is what I am out to tell you sir, via this open letter, believing that you would act very very fast, to avert the looming political danger.

Sir, in the operational module of the People’s Democratic Party, in times like this, when the electioneering process is in full array, before the campaign train start moving from LGA to LGA, we see Commissioners and other top government functionaries, all fall back to their various Local government and start hitting the ground, in preparation for the main process. They tour Ward to Ward, raising or boosting the morale of our teeming supporters, ahead the main Campaign tour.

But what do we have presently sir?All your commissioners and top appointees are busy sleeping in Benin City, relaxing and abandoning the weighty matters of this campaign time. Permit me to tell you a shocking part sir. 87% of your commissioners are in constant talk with Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu & many of them would abandon us very soon. Their loyalty is not with you at all. I don’t want to start mentioning names sir but they all will definitely read this letter and they know themselves. In the coming days, if they do not make their stand known, I’ll expose them one after the other.

Of what use are they to the campaign process, when they are docile and acting as treacherous moles? I would opine that you do a cabinet reshuffle, bring in men and women of great virtue and value, let them prosecute the election for us, people with proven integrity and zeal, not these 87% of the cabinet that are loyal to “Com. Adams Aliu Oshiomhole”. Many of the men and women in your cabinet, are snitches, moles and paid informants of the opposition party. Their purpose of staying behind is to cause you pains, regrets and eventually, they want to see you fall, ( God forbid). As I am writing this letter now, some of them are in a classified meeting which details I’ll bring to your notice later or perhaps their actions would reveal the full details of the meeting.

Your Excellency, as a stakeholder in the party, I have cause to disagree with your choice of “Barr. Osarodion Ogie, as the DG of your Campaign”. He is a loyal man to Com. Adams Aliu Oshiomhole, and as I speak to you, they are still in constant talk. He has a very high stake of loyalty to his former boss and godfather. What makes you think that he would sacrifice his leader and mentor for you after 8years of unbroken stewardship and loyalty?
Perhaps your choice of Barr. Ogie, is simply because, you do not trust the people you met in the party enough. But let me honestly remind you sir, that the devils met in our party are far better than the unknown grid of Angels you came with. His emergence as the DG is a clear indication that you don’t trust most of us who are out to risk anything for you to victoriously emerge re-elected.

While every progressive PDP faithful is busy campaigning happily, some have seen the ray of victory ahead, so they are celebrating in advance. The social media team is up and doing. Those in strategic committees are doing their best too. The field is for us all and we are a little behind. This present celebration of an envisaged victory is truly and totally premature because there is a great danger ahead sir. The events that would unfold in the coming days will not only shock us, but capable of dampening the spirit of the faithfuls of our party.

Do you know sir, that many of your very close cabinet men were in a meeting at an assumed undisclosed location in which my deep findings eventually revealed that they were with Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu in his home on Sunday night? Moreso, only two (2) of all the National Assembly members are with you 100%, the ones who are in high negotiating talk with POI will be exposed in due date. Many of the top men and women you relied on are strongly against you. It is not your fault that you trust them, perhaps you felt they’ve been with you for four years and as such they should be clothed with trust. You are dressing them wrongly sir. They are political wolves ready to devour at any time from now.

Your Excellency, I am giving you this information because I love PDP and the leaders of our party can attest to my passion for the party, even in the darkest of the night, I can trek the thickest forest for PDP, and secondly, I have started feeling the beats of love for you. it took me more than three weeks to understand that you meant well for our State. I have come to an understanding that you have trust issues. Anyone in your shoes will do same but trust me sir, this is not a time for mixed-feelings. The people you have refused to trust are the very “Achilles and Hector” that you need to fight this “Trojan War” called “Edo Gubernatorial Election 2020”.
Retrospect to when you started this race; your vision, your focus, your enthusiasm, your plans, your policies, and all that you envisaged for your people. Remember the kind of Edo State you want to create. Do you want to let these people you wrongly trust to wash it away? What then becomes the hope of the primary school child, teachers, market men and women, who are constantly harassed by thugs in Kabaka and company? What will be the hope of the commercial drivers? Are you going to allow CDA boys invade Benin again after forcefully retiring them from active duty? Are you going to allow godfathers exhume and resume from hitherto political purgatory you earlier sent them to? Your Excellency do you want the worst to befall Edo State by allowing Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu gain back long-lost access to the state treasury via his entrance to Osadebe Avenue? I honestly need answers from you sir.

If you certainly do not want any of the above, kindly do the needful. Bring on board men and women of tough productive performance to prosecute this election for us. This is not the time to starch and iron clothes. This is time for immeasurable action that would yield colorful and laugh-producing result. Your Excellency, shuffle your cabinet sir, as the bad eggs and traitors are just too much. Wrong passengers are in your boat and you can’t sail this ship to Tarshish when you have Neniveh’s passengers aboard. The only hope for sailing to the destination successfully is to off-load the wrong passengers for the fish to sail them to Neniveh. I believe you read the Bible, your Excellency sir.

Finally sir, our lives and properties are in your hands to protect. The desecration of our Royal Palace days ago must be investigated and offenders should be made to knee before the law. If they are not arrested and prosecuted, it is a strong signal that we are not safe and I tell you sir that many of the members of various campaign committees and the party faithfuls would be scared and clothed with trembling fear to campaign for you and the party freely. I must also remind you that if the Palace is invaded and days later no notable arrests has being made, then this elections is truly more of a thing to worry about.

Be sure of my love, respect, prayers, dedication, focus and sincerity to this electioneering process. I love you as my leader and Governor. God keep you in His protective arms always. Don’t forget sir, that “in the midst of Celebration, there is Danger”.

Yours in MEGA,

Bob-Manuel Umoru,
(Jesus Army)

Edo State Coordinator for
PDP Mobilizers and Member, Edo State PDP Gubernatorial Sub-Committee on Publicity.

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