RESPONSE TO A MISGUIDED YOUTH: The Saga Continues -Ohi Imoukhuede

National Publicity Secretary of PDP Mobilzers Mr. Ohi Imoukhuede, has brutally responded to a misleading publication by an aide to the Deputy Governor of Edo State, read his response below.

Mr. Ohi Imoukhuede
National Publicity Secretary
PDP Mobilizers.

During the inglorious reign of General Sani Abacha as military Head of State, Festus Keyamo set up a group Youths Against Misguided Youths, YAMY, who were led on a so-called “One Million Man March” in support of Sani Abacha transmutting to civilian President. You, Jerome Eramho, remind me sadly of those misguided youths ready to trade their future for a spoonful of poorly cooked porridge. Your ‘So Long A Letter’ is filled with emptiness. Instead of adding your voice in commending the Edo State Chapter Coordinator of the PDP Mobilzers, Mr.Omobumhe BobManuel Umoru for being bold enough in speaking truth to power, you are instead advertising to the world your level of intellectual hollowness and perfidy? Is it not common knowledge that most often than not, the truth is bitter? Ofcourse, this fact would be alien to you as you only earn a living being an “Alleluya boy” of the Deputy Governor, Comrade Phillip Shaibu. How sad!

The reason the said video by our dogged Edo State Chapter Coordinator of the PDP Mobilzers, Omobume BobManuel Umoru attracts so much attention and still does is because it states facts that are too glaring to be wished away by you and your ilks.

Jerome Eramho, I would not condescend to your level of gutter vocabulary, but would rather help bring you back to the crux of the issues discussed in that video which are:

  • The EdoBest as it stands has been nothing but a total failure with the State Government being unable to provide/employ adequate teachers in public schools.
  • Failure of the State Government to secure lives and properties of the good people of Edo State which leaves one to wonder what it is that the Governor actually spends the monthly N750m Security Votes on. No society thrives in an atmosphere of uncertainty and insecurity. Edo cannot move forward this way and certainly won’t attain that greatness until people can engage in economic activities safely.
  • Failure to form a cabinet to aid him in administering governance in the State almost a year after inauguration.
  • Failure in conducting Local Government elections and decision to run the State like a fiefdom.
  • Failure in providing adequate staff for Edo public hospitals/ health centers.
  • Failure to deliver on the GeleGele Seaport and Industrial Park promised the good people of Edo State.

The glaring failures of this administration are too numerous to mention and instead of facing the business of governance which is GOVERNANCE, hungry attack-dogs like Jerome Eramho are being let off their leashes to further impact more pains on Edo people by trading falsehood on various media platforms while looking for one’s image to marry to that of his failed and failing paymasters.

No African Tale By Moonlight is complete without mentioning the Tortoise. It is therefore no surprise you were made to spin a web of lies about Chief Dan Osi Orbih, our most respected leader and National Vice Chairman, South-South, who has absolutely nothing, God being my witness, remotely and otherwise with the release of that video. Even the children on the streets of Benin City, Ekpoma, Auchi, etc, can attest to the current failures of this administration because of the way it is being run. You do not need a “Dan Orbih” to point that out or give it vent. He’s too busy to allow those who left the APC for PDP and still couldn’t do away with the crooked mentality of their former criminal enclave leave their person(s) distract him from the yeoman’s job he’s doing representing us at the National Level. Keep your retarded vituperations to yourselves. The problems and frustrations of DG Philip Shaibu are self inflicted. His lack of vision, smarts, tact and political saavyness led him to his current frustrated point of being a “Leader” without structures to back it up. He came to the PDP with the arrogant swag of “I’m the leader of the Party in Edo North” and disrespected those would have helped him get better entrenched. The real leaders not the likes of Chief Mike Ogiadomhe who promised him what they don’t have to give. Had he humbled himself he would have been exalted. There is more humble pie coming his way. He has not seen anything yet. This is not AOC! His inordinate ambition is distracting him from truly supporting his Boss to succeed. His thinking is now wrapped around his desire to be Governor in 2024 and he is politicking already 3 years ahead neglecting governance. Is that the oath he swore to? All he is hung up on now is “Structures”. Only a thief takes that he didn’t build or create.
It is clear that only one who’s inherently wicked and with a questionable mental state would pretend these failures of the Obaseki-Shaibu Administration do not exist. The very same Chief Dan Orbih you are spewing your putrid bile at was the one who went round campaigning for your paymaster whose only contributions at those rallies was dancing “Bolanle Pepper Dem O”. The videos are still there. Evidence one he talked about policies. Yet you say he is not intellectually deficient?

It would have been most welcoming and more beneficial if you had bothered to outline, with verifiable proof, the projects this administration started from scratch to completion even if it’s in your own Senatorial District.

It’s most painfully sad that a young man like yourself would resort to trading on deceits and lies all in a bid to swindle Edo people to satisfy your paymaster, the Deputy Governor, and in return get pittances as stomach infrastructure.

May I make it clear that as critical stakeholders in Edo State PDP, we would not fold our arms and watch lilliputians like you get used to paint false narratives of non existent issues within our dear Party as artfully stated by the Deputy Governor on Channels Television because of your collective greed and vaulting ambition to deceitfully take over our Party structure when duly elected executives are still serving their constitutional mandates.

You may wish to take this your crassness elsewhere as our great Party, PDP, is much bigger than the personal aspirations of your self-centered and egocentric paymaster. We feel the pulse of the mass majority of the good people of Edo State and shall continue to speak for them come what may.

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