See Current Pictures Of Olu Jacob;He Looks Really Sick »

For some time now, the highly beloved actor has been absent from the screen and many have been wondering what is going on until his recent picture surfaced online.

Well, in case you’re one of those wondering where Mr. Olu Jacobs is and why he has taken a step back from being in as many movies as he normally used to be, I guess we have a hint to what is going on with the veteran Nollywood actor now.

According to the picture of him that has already got people talking, he looks really sick. The actor who is known for his chubby nature now looks really slim.

He looks completely different from the Olu Jacob that has a very charming smile, hopefully, he gets back to the screen soon.

I have really missed that voice!

As it seems, he needs our prayers and I hope he gets better soon.

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