See What Ebuka Prevented Prince From Giving Laycon

Inem Esit

Big brother Naija lockdown season has ended. Everyone wish the show will continue because they where entertained, the housemate gave them what they wanted.

There were jubilation everywhere after the show ended because the viewers choice emerged as the winner. Though the ex evicted housemate were not left out they all came to witness it. Due to what Laycon said about his health, Ebuka was guilding him in other to prevent him from taking what will cause more harm to his health.

But Prince opened wine and started pouring it in Laycon’s mouth but Ebuka tried to stop him the first time and he continue to give him the drink, Ebuka tried to make Sure Laycon doesn’t get drunk. See the pictures below:

Ebuka stood behind prince monitoring Laycon, the ex housemate were happy for him because they didn’t believe that Laycon will be the winner. They looked down on him and God changed his story. The housemate were dragging him for them to take pictures, video and hug with him. Ebuka tried is best to make sure Laycon was protected.

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