Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Lame Claims to Edo electorates: A laughable attempt

Ikhinmwin Felix Precious.

A very laughable footage surfaced recently on the internet and in the video Bola Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was seen conscienslessly masquerading himself as leader of all democrats in Nigeria. And I asked who “dash monkey banana?”

BOLA TINIBU and his cohorts in the APC have shown time and time again that they do not have the spirit of fairness and democracy in them to qualify as democrats. Since 2015 till date that the APC took over power in Nigeria we’ve all seen and witness how election have been conducted through out the various states of the federation both at the party primaries and main election of each of the state involved. It has always been the hight of electoral impunity and imposition of anointed candidate as against the general will of the People.

It’s shameful and bewildering to see such an acclaimed National leader of the party in power who was too pained and biased to conduct a free and fair Governorship election in his home state, Lagos now seemingly come online to appeal to peoples conscience. No doubt, People of his kind ought to be behind bars for the rest of their life.

My dear people of Edo State Bola Amhend Asiwaju Tinubu and his party, APC should not be taken seriously at all. They are nothing but one chance Government. Never in my life seen a confused group or association as this before. All they do is continuously sow seeds of discord, ethnicism and god fatherism in our polity..

It’s very laughable that a person of TINIBU’s calibre could condescend so low for some selfish reasons and political greed use such lame arguments to drive home his pointless point. This man is such a disgrace to democratic process in Nigeria.

So, all he could think of doing at a time like this in Edo State, is to disparage our highly esteemed performing Governor Godwin Obaseki just to distract the good people of Edo Land, I can assure him we aren’t that gullible.

Rather than stating the manifesto of his party and what they intend doing differently if elected. He disgracefully went online to vomit rubbish. This goes to show how clueless a party can be regarding what political campaigns and entreaties are about. How can we the Edos now trust these set of strangers to the rule of law and democracy with our votes.

I don’t really know what our Papa meant when he said himself and other group fought for democracy in Nigeria. I think it’s high time we remind this political Papa just in case he has brain dysfunction and can no longer relate with his past. When the struggle for democracy in Nigeria was at it peak between 1998 and 1999 our self acclaimed Democrat was a drug Baron and was charged for illicit business (drug peddling, hence the forfeiture of all his acquired wealth through illegal means to the US Government.

Or was it when he lied to Nigerians in 2014 that the only way to have steady light and fuel was to remove Good luck Johnathan as Nigeria President.

In 6months Nigeria will be swimming in crude oil and fuel.
Buhari will pay you all #5000 monthly for been jobless. Our youth will be gainfully employed with our 3000000 jobs a year. Buhari will build refinery every year.
These and many more were his campaign claims.

But today in Nigeria the realities are all testimonies against APC led administration and their empty promises.

If at all, BOLA TINIBU is not in position to neither appeal to our conscience as a people, make a choice for us, nor impose his prefered candidate on Edolites. We are wiser than this and I think he should try a second attempt.

The APC leader lame attempt to assassinate the character of a performing and highly profile GOvernor of Edo State is just another comedy series of a sinking ship to saboteur a steady working Government of the people.

Come September 19th, Edo is set and ready to show APC a lesson with our PVC at the polls. As it’s very embarrassing and inappropriate for one man in Abuja to tell Edolites who to vote for. I think we deserve a National as apology as an oriented people for this action.

My dear good people of Edo State let come out en masse to tame lions and tigers against the development and dividends of democracy of our state by casting our vote rightly.

Together lets give our votes to the People’s Democratic Party and her candidate, Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki and his Deputy Comrade Philip Shaibu, on 19th September, 2020.

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