She Died After The Delivery Of Her Quadruplets “Adedotun Feyisara”

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The fruit of the womb is a gift from the Almighty God. It is what every married couple prays for God to gift them with. However, for some certain reasons, some couples are not lucky enough to beget children during the first five years of their marriage. In most cases, those couples become alarmed and worried that something must be wrong somewhere. However, sometimes, that’s just how Providence wants it. Life would never be mistaken for a bed of roses, anyway.

We all know that Death is a cruel thing, though inevitable in its nature. It has the ability to turn the greatest of joyful news into sorrow. Now, imagine the joy which comes with giving birth to bouncing baby girls and a boy at once after seven years of childlessness. That’s a joy like no other. This was what happened in the life of Adedotun Feyisara Afusat. Unfortunately, Death made her and her family’s joy short-lived.

Adedotun Afusat Feyisara, a Muslim woman of 35 years old, was married to her husband for 7 years without an issue. In the 6th year of their marriage, however, she conceived to the joy of the entire family. After successfully carrying the pregnancy for nine good months, she gave birth to a set of Quadruplets on the 25th day of August 2020. Interestingly, that day was also her Wedding Anniversary so it was supposed to be a day of complete joy for her and her entire family.

Unfortunately, that was not so because according to reports, shortly after she gave birth to her set of Quadruplets (three baby girls and a baby boy precisely), she gave up the ghost. This Unfortunate occurrence immediately turned the joy of her family into sorrow. Her death was a total shock to her entire family and group of friends. She reportedly died as a result of complications from childbirth.

The story was made known to the entire public on Facebook by her sister, Olawale Adedotun Oluwatomisin, who was heartbroken by her death. She wrote about how wonderful her late sister was to her. She had been a true pillar to her in times of need. She also questioned death in her post. See a screenshot of the post below:

Before her death, Adedotun Afusat Feyishara lived in the Shogunle area of Oshodi Local Government Area of Lagos State, Southwest, Nigeria and was also a Trader. According to the Sahara Reporters, she died on Tuesday, 25th August at the Institute of maternal and Child Health a.k.a Ayinke House, which is located within the premises of Lagos State University Teaching Hospital in Ikeja. 

Adedotun Afusat Feyisara has since been buried according to the Muslim practices. Her family has also reached out to the public for financial assistance in order to provide for the four babies she had left behind. I hope their pleas do not fall on deaf ears. May her gentle soul rest in peace. I believe God knows why it happened this way. May He also console the bereaved family, Amen!

It is quite unfortunate really. I pray such an unfortunate incident doesn’t come upon us, Amen! Kindly type RIP in the comments section, like and also share. God bless and keep you and I safe, Amen!

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