Take a decision now! -angry party man tell Obaseki

I love my party PDP and my heart wipe for my people of Edo State.

By Harmony Ogbe Osayi

As my fellows in Street will say, “we don enter one chance”

In March 2020 the Edo state PDP has a direction of what we were doing and how we could win the 2020 election. We have three promising candidates in the persons of Hon Ogbeide-Ihama, Gideon and Rice man.

Some of us, the dieharted members advocated that we stick to what we have and those we know, but no. Our greedy leaders ate the forbidden fruits and sold us out.

Firstly these same leaders had a no show during the last state Congress that produced the current state and local government and ward executives. Those who shows their faces during the Congress were defeated during the Primaries such as Pam Pam the former Edo South Senatorial chairman who happened to show his face and former Oredo Chairman Aroku.

PDP is not for sale so Mr governor should not expect he can run around like he did in APC without answering to the party and the people of Edo State.

Since the second tenure of Mr Governor Obaseki, the people of Edo State has not enjoy a single day of good governance. The roads are bad, flood has taken over eventually all parts of Benin City and other towns of Edo State because the governor is fighting to control the PDP structure.

The question is what does the governor need the structure for? He is in final tenure. What is so special about controlling the PDP structure in Edo State for a man who is not aspiring for a third term.

The question is, is it the governor that needs the structure or someone else? Time will tell.

My opinion is that if the governor cannot manage the people that came with him, he better chose which side he belongs.

Edo PDP is not afraid to remain as an opposition for another two years if they chose to leave the party and let peace return to our great party PDP.

The time for him to take side is now because he will not have a second chance when the time comes

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