The Attacks Through Permutations

Edo 2020: The Attacks Through Permutations

Political history is very rich to learn from, it’s just unfortunate that we most times look at other directions for references. Over time, I have been under severe attack by my sister, Omololu, for bringing Obaseki to the fore in my attacks. Well, I will say she look at my criticisms from one keleidoscope which is not universal. One thing is certain, in politics, there are really no enemies; it’s not a witchcraft game, there are opponents. At least our political space has shown that; where a POI can go to join forces with Oshiomole, that garrulous disposition of a being who never one day saw anything good in him post 2015. Secondly, attacks are on governments, not individual. So when we say Obaseki, in quote, it’s his government.
Now why do we expand energy on the Obaseki led administration? The first reason is that it is in power therefore the focus of attention from us who are in the opposition. Yes, Oshiomole is not contesting even when he has preferred candidate, and the story of fighting Godfatherism does not so much appeal to me coming from the stables of the Obaseki led administration when he has turned himself to an emerging godfather in APC. …story for another day. We did not elect him to fight Godfatherism, we elected him to perform.
I will take us back to recent history. During the build up to the 2019 presidential election, Sowore, Obi Okwelisi and co where busy attacking Atiku when the focus was supposed to be on the tyrant, Buhari. They were busy with corruption narrative about Atiku that had never been entertained in any Nigerian court of law while Buhari was masterminding his detailed plans by first removing Onoghen. At the end of the day, he stole the show.
Secondly, Obaseki has sold the Godfatherism propaganda to the Edo State people, even some gullibles in PDP have bought into it that he is one of the most potent and formidable opposition we have against PDP. Secondly, he has the state resources at his disposal that if not stopped now, he will use during the elections. With the level of poverty in the land, voters hardly express their consciences. Thirdly, Obaseki has done little in all ramifications that with his misadventured tenure, we can easily create a toga of failure around him.
In other scene, if Obaseki does not get the ticket, as the intrugues and legal fireworks is pointing to, whoever the Oshiomole’s camp present cannot win the 2020 election in Edo State, expecially Edo South that have added some elements of tribal colourations to their hatred for him. This fact is beyond doubt. Oshiomole has been demonised in Edo State by the other faction beyond repair, no one will allow him install a governor for us. And his preferred candidate, POI, does not enjoy any support from EPM so ordinarily, if by error of commission he wins the primaries, he will be a doormat to easily walk pass by PDP. POI has the mein of a Desperado that the Edo people abhor. And he is so deeply hated within his now adopted party, APC.
Now, with these, I am sure you will agree with me that ‘part’ of our collective focus should be to inform the public how bad the Obaseki’s led administration is even if we have to do a lot of PDP laundering along side with division of labour.
This is basically my opinion, a more detailed and better opinion can defeat it, I am open to reasoning with us.

Elempe Dele

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