The Iran as promise to place protest against US fighter jets for harassment of passenger plane

On Friday The Civil Aviation Organisation of Iran promise to place a complaint against the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) over “harassment” of its passenger plane by two U.S. fighter jets over the Syrian airspace on Thursday.

In a statement, the Civil Aviation Organisation of Iran urged the ICAO to immediately address the issue, which, it said, is “a clear violation of the international law and the aviation standards and regulations’’.

On Thursday evening, two U.S. fighter jets came close to an Iranian-Beirut-bound passenger plane over Syrian airspace, which forced the pilot of Iran’s Mahan Air to change altitude to avoid collision, according to Iran’s state TV.

The Iranian plane had to dive and make a quick landing at the Beirut airport after U.S. warplanes blocked its passage, it said.

The Mahan Air aircraft, with over 150 passengers on board, was later landed safely in the Lebanese capital.

But the incident caused the injury of several passengers, Iran’s state TV reported.

The plane flew back to Tehran after refuelling.

Iranian Vice-President for Legal Affairs, Laya Joneidi, said on Friday that the “harassment of the passenger plane in a third country is a blatant violation of aviation security and a breach of the freedom of the air for civil flights’’.

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