Comrade Jude Gabriel Imagwe, MON

The three things that have prevented Gen. Buhari from being the Best President are His Past, His Present, and the Aides he has around himself.

General Buhari still harbors in his heart the burden of December 31, 1983, to August 27, 1985.
He still shares the bitterness that came with the war, even if he is not the only one living that fought the war. The kindness of his heart is trapped by the anger of the Past, bottled inside of him. Such Limiting President Buhari from the reality the Citizens of Nigeria had expected of Him. Gen Buhari has refused to erase from his memories the pictures of the 70ths.
If you judge the Gen Buhari of yesterday and match him with what he is today, you will agree with me. His heart tells him many things are wrong, but his memory still joggles around the old, primitive, and dictatorial ways.

Comrade Jude Gabriel Imagwe, MON

General Buhari should purge himself of the Past, and I can bet you, he will be one of Nigerians Finest. His courage should be the channel to doing and achieving extraordinary things for ordinary people.
The Second is his Present. When the Past is tired to you, the Present becomes a fusion. President Buhari has consistently positioned his Present to the activities of the Past.
The 21st century can never be the same as the 18th, 19th 0r even the closet, which is the Y2k the 20th century. Globalization has changed human dynamics and altered specific old orders. Technology has brought the world to our doorsteps. The President still has not agreed that people in Nigeria do not need to travel to Ghana or even from my village to Abuja. Still, there is nothing about Abuja, Ghana, and even the United States they cannot discuss with facts, precision, and perfect knowledge of the environment.

Some have friends around the globe and may never meet physically; some have business partners and do lots of transactions. The day President Buhari will provide leadership with the reality of the Present, things will naturally change for good. The Present is about the social airspace, the freedom around it, the future, and the Past, was about clapping down this freedom and thinking you are on the right path.

The Past was Nigeria versus Biafra, the civil war, and The Present is a new Nigeria where all ethnic groups are treated with equality. But the President has constantly referred us to the activities of the Past.
The Third enemy the President must defeat is his field lieutenant, I mean is closet appointees, those that speak for him, those that brief him, and those that fetch him feedback from the citizens. I will say, clearly, a significant percentage of his aide from Ministers to Assistance do not mean well for the President and are also enemies to Nigerians. These people have taking President Buhari from everybody and have kept him for themselves. They have destroyed his inaugural borrowed word that says, “I belong to everybody, and I belong to nobody.”

Mr. President, you still have the time to change the narratives and let history be kind to you after your tenure. Those you depend on for service delivery failed you and won’t let you know. Those you have put first have instead placed your dreams of a better Nigeria last and pursue there’s first. Break yourself from the enclosures and see the honest Nigerians, and I can assure you; you will understand how powerful and peace-loving citizens Nigeria have.

Today, ministries, agencies, and government departments are Administered recklessly, with complete deviation from all you represented. Finally, at the end of your government, their names will not be on the lips of citizens but your name. Yes, I agree you still have some good ones around you, but they are also helpless.
Mr. President, I come in peace.

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