Sen. Ehigie Uzamere

Adams Oshiomhole was at the presidential villa a few days ago at the instance of Mr. President. He granted an interview thereafter, where he gave reasons why he disagreed with Gov. Godwin Obaseki.

Some people wonder why some of us pick on Oshiomhole when he is not on the ballot for the upcoming governorship election in Edo.

No other reason can be adduced, than to draw people’s attention to his outright lies and half truths.

He has been touting non continuance of projects he started, by his successor, as one of his reasons. He has failed to enumerate these projects, but we will help him. Did he complete the projects of previous governments, especially those of Dr Osaigbovo Ogbemudia? He didn’t. We will however look at some of the projects he initiated he is accusing Obaseki of not continuing with.

1.The storm water remedial project. Indeed Oshiomhole started this project which was envisioned to bring a lasting solution to flood problems in Benin City. Oshiomhole however, abandoned this project 18months before he left office as governor and after squandering billions of naira and leaving a huge debt for Godwin Obaseki to inherit.

  1. The red roof school project. Again, Oshiomhole started the Red Roof School Project, but he only renovated schools easily visible on main roads, without furniture and learning materials. Obaseki has not continued with this deception. Rather he embraced the Edo Best School Policy, which other States, Lagos State for example, have borrowed. This project leaves our children computer literate, better exposed to learning and ready for the world outside the classroom.
  2. Trust. It is laughable, Oshiomhole preaching trust. What did he do to those who trusted him with power in Edo? Even as national Chairman of APC, did he not turn into a distrustful raging bull in a China shop?
  3. Security. He claims he told Mr. President how to curb insecurity in Edo towards the election – arresting and sanctioning culprits irrespective of party affiliation. Can he deny knowledge of the trending video where the tigers and lions of Edo were advised to move from place to place, to do what decent men cannot do? Who but he Oshiomhole and his group, are encouraging thuggery? Why is he quoting Obaseki out of context on issue of immunity? Obaseki alluded to the fact that as an ex-governor, Oshiomhole no longer enjoys immunity and therefore cannot cause confusion in Edo and not be arrested. Is the Governor wrong on this assertion? Oshiomhole seems to have forgotten he called Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, the Esama of Benin, an elderly rascal, and reminded the Esama that he had immunity and could call him names.
  4. Power. Obaseki has refused to continue with Oshiomhole’s policy on power. Rather than Oshiomhole’s policy of spending millions monthly on diesel contracts to cronies and yet leaving Benin in darkness, Obaseki opted for more reliable and steady power supply for the State by investing in Ossiomo Power Plant, Ologbo, near Benin which is ninety eight percent (98%) completed. I expect Oshiomhole to discuss his sham five star hospital which he borrowed equipment for its opening by Mr. President.

I have respect for fellow men, but a man who can lie seamlessly, needs to be avoided.


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