Two Days After She celebrated Her Birthday, She Died Alongside With Her Baby

Inem Esit

“Rest In Peace” Pregnant Lady Dies With Baby Two Days After She Celebrated Her Birthday

It is really sad when pregnant women who are excited to put to bed die while bringing forth a child and it’s worse when the baby dies along with the mother.

Photos of a young pregnant woman was shared in a group on Facebook; Young Moms Forum by Tamar Kovona.

She wrote:

“She celebrated her birthday on 1st September, 2020 and died along with the baby on 3rd September 2020 while giving birth. What a painful death. Rest in peace Rosaline David

She obviously took this picture with her husband and she looked forward to her delivery date.

This is really sad. I can only imagine what the family members, friends and loved ones would be going through by now.

May they find comfort and may the departed souls find rest. Amen

Please leave a word of prayer for the deceased.

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