The authoritie of the Nigeria Police, Edo State Police Command, has launched a massive search warrant against one  Inegbejie Kingsley, a party agent and others namely: Ogbebor Victor, Odion Smart, Ogbeide Joseph, Osifoh Oboh, Emmanuel Okosun, David Osemudiamen and Thomas Ogbe of Esan North East Local Government Area of the state.

Recalled that the said Inegbejie Kingsley, was a strong member of the ACN (Action Congress of Nigeria) now known as APC (All Progressive Congress) during the 2013 Local Government Chairmanship Election, conducted by the state Government led by Adam Oshiomhole. The opposition party, PDP (People Democratic Party) engaged in serious battle with APC led by Oboh Sam (APC) while the opposition party was led by Yakubu John (PDP)

The said opposition party, PDP, mobilized his party thugs with dangerous weapons to cause violence and disrupt the activities of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to put a stop to the Local Government Chairmanship election that was slated for the 20th of October, 2013.

It is noted that before the conclusion of the election, the PDP mobilized different thugs with different weapons to snatch ballot boxes and other electoral materials and disrupt the election which led to the cancellation of the election by the Governor and the date was later postponed to the 26th of October, 2013.

According to eye witness, the Governor being the leader of the party in the state, drew the attention of the police, Civil Defence, the DSS, the Nigeria Immigration Service and the Local Vigilantees to help protect and secure the ballot boxes and the electoral materials, as almost after the conclusion of the election, fight ensued between the party agents led by Inegbejie Kingsley (APC) and the PDP party agent because the APC party was leading in vote counts and the said the leader of the PDP mobilized thugs with different weapons, guns, battle axe, cutlass, etc. that now led to the death of police officer and a pregnant woman  Osolase Vivian.

Due to the fact that Inegbejie Kingsley  was the party agent for APC, the Police had declared him wanted with seven other party faithful over alleged killing of the police officer and the pregnant woman, while others were arrested and taken to the police station following due court processes and eventually jailed especially the said Inegbejie Kingsley who was therefore declared wanted to serve a deterrent to others for an offence he knows nothing about.   

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