Despite Trump’s insistence on fraudulent acts in America s election, you have to respect America’s institutions for their independence and strict adherence to their rules.

Immediately it became clear that Biden is almost certainly going to win, the Secret Service automatically extended their protection to him, even as the sitting President is still crying foul. They didn’t have to wait to receive order from anybody; not even from the President. Processes are automatically triggered irrespective of whoever is involved.

As the President is screaming and threatening brimstones, counting of votes continues in states. He lacks the power to stop them. A whole President!

Several litigations brought by his team to stop the counting have been thrown out by the courts for lack of evidence.

Even the media cut him off when he started making unfounded allegations during a press conference.

I am certain that if Trump can order the military or National Guards to shut down those vote counting centers, he would have done so. But he knows the military will not obey such order because their allegiance is not to him, their C-in-C, but to the American people.

These can only happen in a country with strong and independent institutions; a country where institutions supersede individuals.

I see the events of the past few days as a test of the strength of America’s institutions, and so far, they are have done quite well. They have proven that despite all its flaws, America’s democracy is too matured to be held hostage by any siting president.

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