“WE OWN THE LAND” Edo Masses Insist

Comrade Austin Osakue

In 1979, the late music maestro and indomitable proponent of Ozzidism musical genre King Sunny Okosun released the album entitled “Papas Land”. As a young student then, I was captivated by the lead track of the album, “We want to know who owns the land”. More than the pulsatingly irresistible beat of the track, it was the bold and audacious inquisition of the lyrics that won my loyalty.

Now, forty-one years later, the immutability of Sunny Okosun’s lyrics has been confirmed, no thanks to the crude and rude attempt by enemies of our fledgling democracy to invade the hallowed premises of the Edo House of Assembly with the aid of thugs (the now infamous lions and tigers) and an illegally deployed detachment of Nigeria’s Federal Police.

This nocturnally hatched plot is allegedly the handiwork of key elements within the rudderless opposition All Progressive Congress, A.P.C under the tutelage of the grand old puppeteer, Adams Oshiomole with active support and funding from the Bourdillon coven.

This despicable act is desperation taken too far. Politics and governance should be for the purpose of enhancing the lives and livelihoods of the people. In Edo State, a miniscule cabal of avaricious politicians has held onto the reigns of power, forsaken development agenda and embraced mediocrity, buffoonery and primitive accumulation.

The September 19th election is therefore an opportunity to reshapen democracy and reengineer governance. It is a contest between an elite political establishment and the mass of Edo people.

The strident call on the Federal government and the Independent Electoral Commission, INEC, to ensure a free, fair and credible election in Edo State is timely and imperative. The response of Edo people, so far has demonstrated their resolve to jettison the shenanigans of the past and actualize their destiny

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