Senator Ehigie Uzamere

The more I listen to Nigerian supposedly elite politicians, the more I want to unravel how we got this low, who and what brought us down from immediate post independence heights.

The 1st Republic campaigned on issues, built and delivered structures some of which carcasses, still dot our landmarks.

Yes, campaigns have started for election of governor in Edo State. The two major political parties APC and PDP have named their election campaign committees and their chairmen. The APC campaign Chairman Gov. Ganduje of Kano State has fired the first salvo: We will isolate Gov. Nyesom Wike till after the election. What a feeble salvo!

Ganduje in this opening statement has already admitted that he is no match for Wike. Ganduje’s Igbo friends must have educated him that adding an N to Wike becomes Nwike which means a strong man, a man of prowess.

I had expected Ganduje, a sitting governor, to tell Edo citizens how Edo will be transformed into a replica of “very developed Kano State.”

I had also expected him as an adult, to study politics of Edo State and advise himself accordingly. As a recap, may I remind Ganduje that in 2019, despite a sitting APC governor and APC National Chairman of Edo extraction, APC lost woefully in the presidential election. Oshiomhole should be honest enough to tell you how he won his first and second term governorship elections in Edo. The intrigues and conspiracies that made him governor. Do not bother coming to play god in Edo governorship election rather advice APC to end herdsmen killing and raping of Edo citizens in their farms. With that our President will enjoy prayers from Edo citizens as he retires to Daura in 2023.

Ganduje and APC please listen carefully. Edo State has no money to be stuffed into pockets. Edo needs improvement on developmental strides of the last three years. The gods have spoken, and the people have already made up their minds which way to travel. But as Wike replied to your taunt, bring dollars from Kano, we will help you spend it. Go back to the archives please and learn from a master that came out of Kano State – Malam Aminu Kano. Until then, please isolate yourself from Edo State. What more? Oshiomhole has retired the godfathers of Edo politics.

Edo is squarely in God’s hands, to whom we pray earnestly, that every marauding herdsman in Edo State returns to wherever he came from.

In God I trust,
Senator Ehigie Uzamere

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